Point clouds

Point clouds are often large files that are difficult to interpret for the uninitiated. Distilling a 3D CAD model from this is supported by smart software and especially our experience. We think along with you and, depending on the demand and size, choose a suitable, efficient workflow to convert the point cloud into the desired 3D CAD model.






If you still want to work with the point cloud, we will also offer you support.

A great new possibility to make the scan model available is the Webshare. A “Google Streetview” version of the model is accessible to colleagues or suppliers via a secure connection via the login portal in the Cloud. Measurements can be made in this environment, labels with hyperlinks to documents can be placed and the necessary information can be exchanged.

If you prefer not to be in the Cloud, a Webshare To Go is a great option. The scan model is then locally on your computer or in your network. Installing software is not necessary.

3d scan foto bovenaf 3DLS Webshare Cloud,