Archaeological Site Halos (GR) The Groningen Institute for Archeology (GIA), founded in 1995, is engaged in fundamental archaeological research. For the ‘Halos project’ – a long-term regional survey and excavation in Thessaloniki (Greece), Prof. Reinders has decided to use 3D laser scanning to document the location in 3D. The Southeast Gate of New Halos is recorded in this way. It is one of the main gates of the city with a passage of 6.5m flanked by two heavy towers. 3D laser scanning makes it possible to study the layout, dimensions and 3D (re)construction in detail in the laboratory in Groningen. 3D laser scanning also forms the basis for 3D modeling of the current and reconstruction of the historical situation. Meshing techniques are applied to generate a 3D surface model based on the point cloud.