3D Scanning


A peek into the possiblities with 3D scanning

For Viro in Hengelo, our scanning department has scanned many (petro) chemical locations to support engineering projects. Viro uses these scans to work out extensions to existing installations in 3D and to check them on collisions.

More than 1.500.000m² mapped with our 3D laser scanner

Our 3D Laser Scan division (short 3DLS) has documented more than 1.500.000m² with its scanners over the past 20 years. Our already fifth generation 3D laser scanner offers ‘state of the art’ accuracy and speed for ‘mid-range’ scanning of buildings, production processes and installations. The compact, lightweight equipment enables us to provide you with efficient service worldwide thanks to our years of experience and proven technology. It is a challenge for us to serve you quickly and adequately with our fast 3D laser scanning services.

Output: Point cloud, 3D CAD, Streetview or Simulation

Many companies are now convinced of the added value of 3D scanning and the possible conversion to 3D CAD models (BIM), “Streetview” and Simulation models. At the same time we see that developments in the field of 3D scanning are moving fast and this is increasingly becoming a field for specialists. In view of these trends, we as a specialist offer our services for those companies that are looking for a reliable scanning partner.

We use 3D laser scanning to map buildings, installations and processes “as-built”, efficiently and accurately. The scans provide point clouds and 3D photographic information in color that can be easily measured. Just like in “Google Streetview” the 360 ​​degree photos can be shared internally and externally (see also our Webshare). Visual link to documents provides a new, easily accessible way to share information.