With the free available viewer software you can view the scans, measure in them and make exports in different formats. If you want to learn to use the data effectively, we recommend one of the training courses below. However, do you realize that scanning and associated processing have increasingly become their own discipline. You do not add this to it, the investments in hardware and software and especially the development / maintenance of routine have become too large for that.

Use point clouds: Because we regularly received questions about the viewer software, we have developed a training to get the most out of your scan data. After the beginner training of a part of the day you will be able to handle the data smartly and effectively and make exports for CAD environments.
Use of scanner: Have you purchased a scanner but have no experience in how to prepare a scan project or process the scans into a model? You can also come to us for these questions in the form of a training for beginners / advanced users or telephone support.
Modeling with point clouds: Point clouds are large and difficult to read for the uninitiated. With experience and the right tools, we help you on your way with creating the right and efficient workflow.