3D Reverse Engineering

laser scanning voor de scheepvaart

Even if there are no (accurate) drawings, but a 3D CAD model is needed to engineer or produce, 3D scanning offers a solution. Objects can be recorded down to the mm in a point cloud that is processed into a 3D CAD model by means of Reverse Engineering. Complex shapes such as ship’s propellers and ship hulls are documented in this way for further engineering in parameterized CAD models or by using. meshing to a surface or solid model.

3d reverse engineering bij 3DLS



At 3DLS, we pride ourselves on being the industry’s leading experts in laser scanning and 3D reverse engineering. Our cutting-edge technologies and unmatched expertise enable us to provide innovative solutions to a wide range of industries, from automotive and aerospace to healthcare and consumer electronics.

Step into the Future of 3D Reverse Engineering

With our state-of-the-art scanners, we initiate the first step of the process – capturing highly accurate digital data of your physical objects. Our advanced laser scanners can effortlessly measure even the most intricate surfaces, ensuring that no detail is left undocumented. This wealth of data serves as the foundation for creating a detailed mesh, delivering a comprehensive representation of your product.

Through our sophisticated software and tools, we transform the scanned data into a digital design file. This digital twin of your object opens up endless possibilities for product improvement, modifications, and optimization. Whether it’s refining an existing design or creating something entirely new, our team of experts utilizes the 3D reverse engineering data to ensure your product’s manufacturing process is streamlined and efficient.

Our laser scanners go beyond merely capturing dimensions; they reveal the subtlest features and surfaces of your objects. From minute imperfections to complex geometries, we measure and document every aspect with utmost precision. This level of detail ensures that your product’s design is flawlessly replicated and enhanced during the 3D reverse engineering process.

Reliable and Accurate Data for Informed Decision Making

At 3DLS, we understand the significance of precise data in making informed decisions. Our laser scanners guarantee accuracy, providing you with reliable information to optimize your manufacturing process, minimize errors, and reduce costs. With a vast array of advanced scanners and an experienced team, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to cater to all your 3D reverse engineering requirements. Whether it’s reverse engineering legacy parts, improving existing designs, or creating entirely new products, our scanning process ensures your project is in safe hands. Choose 3DLS as your trusted partner for 3D reverse engineering and propel your product development to new heights. Our unmatched expertise in laser scanning and dedication to innovation make us the perfect choice for industries seeking to stay ahead in an ever-evolving market. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of 3D reverse engineering for your business!