FAQ about laserscanning

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

What are the uses with your scanner?

Especially the somewhat large objects such as machines, parts or entire factories, houses, ships, etc.

What is the accuracy of the scanner?

Within a scan, the accuracy is ± 1mm due to the linking of multiple scans, it can increase slightly.Standard we supply a registration report with our scan model (Black or highly reflective surfaces, stainless steel, vibrations, rain and direct sunlight can negatively influence the scan result. ) by combining with, for example, total station measurements, the scan model can be made as accurate as possible.

Does scanning interfere with activities in our company?

In many cases not, all activities can continue as normal where necessary, appointments can be made, or scans can be performed on weekends.

How long does it take to scan?

Depending on the scan demand, resolution and quality and the scan grid, in general approximately 3 to 5 minutes is required per shot.

Can you also scan outside?

Yes, as long as there is no strong wind or rain, we can scan outside, we can place the scan model in an RD or a local system, by combining additional measurements.

Is color scanning also possible?

Yes, scanning in color is possible, but it takes longer than a black and white image.

Do I have a 3D model after scanning?

No, after scanning, a point cloud is available, with the point cloud and smart software we can create a 3D model.

I want to work with the point cloud myself, is that also possible?

Yes, we can supply the point cloud in different formats, the most commonly used are * .RCP *. E57 or * .PTX

Can you also scan in ATEX zones?

Yes, in many cases we can simply scan in ATEX zones with a LEL meter.

Do you also do object scanning?

Depending on the size and accuracy, we do this together with one of our partners.

Do you also scan abroad?

Yes, our scanner is compact and easy to take with you on the plane.

Is it possible to share the scans over the internet?

Yes, in our Websharecloud it is possible to share the scan information via a login portal. You can measure, make hyperlinks, tags and other information available in this environment.

Is scanning expensive?

Scanning is reasonably affordable, but it does depend on the scanning demand, the number of m2, desired scanning with, resolution and color scans play an important role in the costs. Feel free to contact us for advice or a free quote.