After we have completed the intake with you and have mapped out your question, a scan plan will be drawn up. Together with the result that you ultimately want, this forms the basis for a quotation. After approval, those involved are informed in advance at the customer about the work and safety plays a key role in project preparation. All our employees are therefore fully VCA certified. In addition, additional safety training courses are followed depending on the customer and location.

We coordinate implementation on location so that you can continue to work as much as possible while scanning in your company. Our scanners are “laser class 1” and are harmless to the eyes. Depending on the type of project, a reference grid is set out or linked to the overlap of the scans. The scan positions from the scan plan are entered, whereby a minimum of a few minutes per position must be adhered to. The scans are then processed into a linked point cloud model. Based on your wishes, this can be translated into a 3D CAD model, a measurement report or other relevant information.