Deformations of walls and floors

Deformations, subsidence or wear on floors and furnace walls and tanks can be perfectly mapped with 3D-Scanning. Using color patterns, software quickly and the deviations provide detailed insight. Distortions in time can also be compared by comparing point clouds with each other.

 floor analysis

In the left example, a part of an oven wall can be seen with clear deviations in it by repeatedly scanning the wall. We can make clear what the differences are between the two different scanning moments.
With the help of our software we can quickly make clear where there are height differences / subsidence in floors. In the right example, green is the spirit level; red is higher and blue is lower.

Cloud scanning Comparison

The above is a cloud to cloud comparison with two different scanning moments of a roundabout, the first scanning moment is from the foundation layer and the second from the top layer, in this way it is easy to make clear what the mutual differences and layer thicknesses are.