Lay-out Planning

The 3D scans and scan models form an excellent basis for:

  • Updating layouts (for internal engineering / suppliers)
  • Reducing survey costs (by external parties)
  • Fitting new installations in a CAD environment
  • Move existing installations virtually in a CAD environment.

Because of our many years of experience in designing factory layouts, we as Ergo Design – Industrial Engineering – can provide additional support with layout planning and production line design for the manufacturing industry.

What is layout planning?

Layout planning is all about deciding on the best physical arrangement of all the resources occupying space within a facility. These resources may include:

  • workplaces
  • people
  • office spaces
  • cupboards
  • desks
  • departments

Reasons to change a layout can be various. From the creation of a new department or factory to the rearranging of resources to increase labor productivity. But space reduction can also be a reason to re-optimize the layout.

The path of least resistance with SLP

With systematic layout planning (SLP), the fastest material flow is key for delivering a product at the least possible cost and handling to decrease development time. SLP is used a lot in construction projects where it is important to set up temporary facilities as optimally as possible and to minimize waste of time and energy.

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