Dion Architecture and Construction

Dion Architecture and Construction

3D laser scanning of Architecture

Ergo-Design supports the digitization of Factories, installations in the Process industry and Architecture & Construction with the help of 3D laser scanning.

An example from this fast-growing activity is the pre-war building on Bloemsingel in Groningen. The handmade facade drawings of the building are outdated and incomplete. As a building owner, the UMCG wants to update and digitize the drawings for the purpose of building management and modifications.

 kasteel 2D   kasteel 3D

As an external facility service provider of the University Medical Center in Groningen (UMCG), Dion has been commissioned to digitize the facade views. Ergo-Design has been asked to measure the current situation for this. With the help of our 3D laser scanner, all 8 facades of the large building were accurately captured in 1 day. The scans were then linked to a total 3D point cloud and which was converted into an accurate digital view per facade. All information is now ‘up to date’ and forms an excellent basis for follow-up developments. ‘Dion is very satisfied with the progress of the project and the result. The technology is also being considered for other projects, “said Ronald Muis, drawing manager at Dion.