Tuesday, 17 September 2019

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Faro Scene

FARO Scene software is used to view and perform 3D measurements, to create exports, and to analyse scans. In addition, scans can be linked to each other and oriented in order to ensure good interfacing with the CAD models. More and more CAD systems offer opportunities to import point clouds. However, it remains a specialist’s task to assess whether patterning is required, and which method thereby is most effective. FARO Scene offers many features for scan professionals as automatic object recognition, scan registration, exports to CAD systems, filtering, slicing and meshing. Developments are fast and therefore we recommend that you contact us with your specific questions.

Faro Scene LT

Fare Scene LT is a free viewer in which existing FARO scans and work environments can be viewed and analysed. In addition, simple measurements can be made and it is possible to import CAD models in VRML format to compare them with the scan points.

Faro Webshare

Faro Webshare supports managing and accessing large amounts of scans over the internet / intranet. Central access via intranet is possible so that each person can visually check the information, view the results and all can perform basal measurements.

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