Monday, 22 July 2019

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Faro LS880 HE80

The FARO 3D Laser Scanner LS880 HE80 is used for our 3DLS services because of its unique combination of speed, high accuracy and robustness. Scanning is possible both inside and outside. Using our specially developed mobile equipment, large areas can quickly and easily be mapped. The scan data is send real-time wirelessly to a laptop and can be viewed, edited and exported with the special FARO software. 

  Producer: FARO Technologies Inc. -
Speed: 120.000 pixel/sec
Accuracy: 3 mm linearity error on 25 m and 84% reflectivity
High resolution: 8000 x 3500 typical, 470000 x 16384
Laser Range: 0,5-80 m, 360° horizontal, 320° vertical.


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