Tuesday, 17 September 2019

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The Smallest 3D-scanner in the world

The Focus 120 S is our 3rd generation 3D laser scanner and is used for our 3DLS services because of its unique combination of speed, accuracy and high resolution. The compact, lightweight scanner enables us to take it with us as hand baggage in the aircraft and allows us therefore to provide our 3DLS services Worldwide in an efficient manner.

  Producer: FARO Technologies Inc. -
Speed: 122.000 – 976.000 3D-Measurements / sec
Accuracy: max. 2 mm linearity error on 25 m.
High resolution: till 711 mln 3D-pixels / scan.
Laser Range: 0,6-120m, 360° horizontal, 305° vertical
Colour camera: Integrated, 70 Megapixel.


Faro Focus 3D-S120 | Faro LS880 HE80 | FARO Software Webshare