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Scanning Services

The ‘Digital Factory Concept’ in production development and ‘BIM’ for construction offers tremendous benefits at the development and renovation of new production facilities and buildings. With our advanced 3D laser scanners we document your existing plants, processes, and buildings in order to generate 3D as a foundation for further development. As a pioneer in this field, now we have scanned over 350.000m2 (Factory) buildings, Installations, Conveyor-systems, Manufacturing-processes, ships, etc. quickly and accurately in 3D with millimetre accuracy.


Faro Focus 3D-S 120

Producer: FARO Technologies Inc.
Speed: 122.000 – 976.000 3D-Measurements / sec
Accuracy: max. 2 mm linearity error on 25 m.
High resolution: till 711 mln 3D-pixels / scan.
Laser Range: 0,6-120m, 360° horizontal, 305° vertical
Colour camera: Integrated, 70 Megapixel.

Faro LS880 HE80

Producer: FARO Technologies Inc.
Speed: 120.000 pixel/sec
Accuracy: 3 mm linearity error on 25 m and 84%
reflectivity High resolution: 8000 x 3500 typical,
470000 x 16384
Laser Range: 0,5-80 m, 360° horizontal, 320° vertical.


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