Monday, 22 July 2019

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Groninger Institute for Archeology

3D Laser Scanning of Archeological site Halos – Greece

The in 1995 established Groningen Institute of Archaeology (GIA) engages in fundamental archaeological research. For the current Halos Project - a Long-term regional survey and excavation project in Thessaly ( Greece ) -, Prof. Reinder Reinders ordered the use of 3D laser scanning to document the current state.

The Southeast Gate of Hellenistic New Halos was documented in this way in 2005, The gate is one of the city’s main gates of the courtyard type with a passageway flanked by two heavy towers, leaving an opening of 6.5 meters. 



3D laser scanning allows studying the layout, dimensions and 3D construction structures in detail at the research facilities in Groningen. Also 3D laser scanning forms a basis for 3D-modeling the current state and reconstruction of the historical state. A 3D-surface model was created by using a meshing technique on the point cloud. 


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