Tuesday, 17 September 2019

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3D laser scanning Warehouse

Colbond is a leading producer of high-quality synthetic nonwovens for flooring, automotive, and construction applications, and three-dimensional polymeric mats and composites for civil engineering, building and industrial applications.

Products are temporarily stored in a high flow warehouse of 20.000m2. The content frequently changes and varies in dimensions. This requires accurate calculations of the available capacity. In addition, an accurate floorplan was requested by local authorities.

Within two days on site, a complete ‘as-built capture’ was made through 3D-laser scanning. Scans were connected to one model and were translated into an accurate and actual floorplan by means of “slicing”. The resulting plan revealed the need for significant changes in the existing drawing. With the available Faro Scene LT software Colbond employees can view scans, measure and calculate the capacity of all warehouse locations from behind their desk.


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