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3D Scanning for a faster scaffolding designing

Harsco is a highly professional scaffolding designing and construction company for all kinds of maintenance and revamp activities. Designing a new scaffolding installation starts with Safety as priority nr.1. The new design should:

  • provide a stable and safe construction
  • the installation process properly enclosed
  • be time efficient in erecting and breaking down

This requires a solid preparation process. Originally complex installations were mapped through a number of old drawings (mostly 2D and not up to date), recent photographs completed with a large number of manual measurements. Despite of all this effort still surprises come up when erecting the scaffolding. Supporting points for the scaffolding appear to be of different in size or location than planned. This means the scaffolding construction needs to be recalculated for safety reasons and the erection stops until calculation results are approved. No need to tell that this rises costs and maybe even more frustrating disturbs the overall planning.

3D-laser scanning and subsequent modelling offers a big step forward in performing these projects. With the 3D-laser in 1 day complete installations are documented with high accuracy. Without high risk for operators or engineers, even in not accessible areas, all installation parts are located in a point-cloud in a central coordinate system. Results looks like photographic images (even in colour) and provide direct measurable information. The scan-model provides the basis for the 3D-CAD model or is used as a point-cloud under-layer for redesign.This saves measuring time and costs but more important it enhances the safety of the design and construction process by preventing misfits.

It is obvious that the collected scan information is also of great value for other parties involved in the installation design, engineering, construction and maintenance. So pay-off is increased by using it as 1 asset management data-source in the various stages of the lifecycle of the installation.

3D Scanning at Harsco 3D Scanning for a faster scaffolding designing The 3D scan-model provides the basis for the 3D-CAD model

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