Tuesday, 17 September 2019

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Beer brewery

Beer brewery documented through 3D-Laserscanning

For documenting a international brewery project the engineering company, responsible for all installations, choose 3D-laserscanning to capture the as-built situation.

The 3D-laserscans and 2D documentation are used as a basis to create a complete 3D CAD model with Piping, Equipment, Cable trays, HVAC, etc. Through this technology the engineering company can document both new and existing equipment and infrastructure. Results are available for all engineers as well as the client. It also supports project engineering in future changes and maintenance.

On site scanning of 3 tankbuildings, 2600 square meters, took 1 day. For capturing future adaptions of the location a Factory Referende Grid was established. Every inch of the digital factory is available visually in photo-quality as well as in millimeter accuracy measurements for every engineer on every PC. An immense advantage in relation to the classic way of traveling, taking pictures and hand measurements.


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