Monday, 22 July 2019

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Texoprint 3D laserscanning and modelling

Our built environment is full of architectural highlights developed in a period where everything was still drawn by hand and in 2D. To keep this heritage alive substantial renovations are often necessary and the buildings are used for new and different purposes. Mansions becomes offices and Factories are redesigned as Living areas. 


Nowadays the design is done in 3D and therefore the ‘as built’ situation should be digitized in 3D-CAD in order to adapt easily. 3D laser scanning is ideal for fast and accurate data-collection to capture the necessary 3D information. From the scans relevant measures can be taken or pointclouds can be exported for conversion to 3D-CAD models. For the IAA (architects) a former industry building of the Texoprint complex is scanned and modeled this way.


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