Wednesday, 21 August 2019

More than 1.000.000m2 mapped with our 3D laserscanner

We are proud to announce that our 3DLS laser scanning division has well over 1.000.000m2 scanned. This experience, together with the growing interest triggered us to again invest in the latest FARO laser scanning technology to serve you even better. Our third generation 3D laserscanner offers state-of-the-art accuracy and speed for mid-range scanning. The compact, lightweight equipment allows us to provide a worldwide efficiently service.

3D laser scanning: a definitive breakthrough

After years of promotion we see a broad interest in 3D scanning. A few years back only a limited number of companies dared to apply this application. The last two years, however, 3D laser scanning of buildings and installations expands enormously. More and more companies are realizing the added value that this technology offers.

3D scan of a building or factory as a standard

3D laser scanning is a proven technique in our 'Digital Factory Concept' and ‘Building Information Modelling’ (BIM) design services. It gives us the ability to accurately capture 'as-built' conditions of buildings, equipment and processes in 3D in a very efficient manner. The scans directly provide 3D photographic information and easily create 3D measurements at any time and any place at which a laptop can be used. This way, the impact of a renovation of a building or the extension of an installation can be reliably estimated in advance.

This can be provided by combining the digital fingerprints of the existing and designed new situation. Using an integral 3D CAD master model, all current 3D structures can be documented (building, installation and processes). This way we enable our customers to keep control of their (re)building processes and lifecycle management and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Ir. Jaap Westerink
Manager 3DLS, an Ergo-Design -Industrial Engineering- B.V. division

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